The Art of Making Love to Your Hair

STEP BY STEP Keralove Keratin Treatment 

As you know, there are many different types of hair. In general Keralove Keratin applied as shown here works on the majority of types of hair, exceptions apply when the hair has never been chemically treated, on that case the results will show progressively, it will require 3 to 4 applications to show full results. On hair that is extremely damaged it is recommended to do the treatment step by step until the application of the second step and stop after the flat iron process, wait two days and then follow the last step of the application as show below.

STEP 1 Purifying Shampoo

*Wet hair thoroughly and apply a small amount of our deep cleanse Keralove Purifying Shampoo to the palms of your hands. 

*Rub hands together briefly and then massage throughout the hair and scalp with your finger tips, not with your nails.
*Rinse completely. If the hair is long, you must wash it in its entirely.

STEP 2 Keratin Balance Lotion

*Dry out the hair up to 100%.
*Divide hair in 4 sections and start applying the Keralove Keratin Lotion.
*Use a brush and a comb to help spread product uniformly on the hair using small sections of hair.

*Apply it from the nape of the neck and work upwards through the sections, one at a time, using always a comb to uniformly spread product.
*Do not apply Keratin Lotion in excess. After having covered the whole hair, blow dry it with the help of a  brush the same way as a blow dry service.
*Once blow dried divide the hair in 4 sections then start from the nape of the neck, flat ironing the hair at a constant speed and pressure.

*Use a flat iron that heats up to 450º F. You must determine the best temperature depending on the hair type. It is also important to get small portions of hair at a time.
*Flat ironing 5 to 10 times each section of the hair. You can stop flat-ironing once you notice the hair is shinny.
*After the flat ironing process, rinse hair with water, no shampoo, to wash away all the excess of product.

STEP 3 Hair Mask

*After the rinsing in the 2nd step, apply a generous amount of Keralove Hair Mask on damp hair from the root to the end.
*Comb and detangle the hair carefully and allow the Hair Mask to sit for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. 

*During the waiting time, leave the hair straight. This will prevent it from having ridges. This step will make the smoothness and shine of the hair last longer.
*Rinse hair with water, no shampoo, to wash away all the excess of product.

*Blow-dry hair to finish, check the hair entirely and flat iron if needed.
*Do not forget that the Keralove Keratin Maintenance Kit formula makes the Keratin benefits last longer. It works with Keralove Keratin or any other brand in the market.



How to keep straight hair, look sexy & feel more beautiful than ever. Learn how to Do-It-Yourself!


The Ultimate Keratin Hair System presents a lovely way to achieve shine and a beautiful hair. Keralove Keratin is a hair treatment that not only gives your hair a straighter texture but at the same time works on each strand of hair from root to ends transforming it entirely, giving it a young, natural look but most importantly a healthy and smooth feeling. Other keratin treatments give you stick-straight hair that doesn't feel soft and natural Keralove Keratin keeps your hair's natural body and waves if you air-dry it.


Step-by-step techniques that will help professionals to master the Keralove keratin application. 


Keralove Keratin Booster Pre-Treatment is formulated to gently straighten Resistant Hair. Used in combination with traditional Keratin Smoothing treatments transforms frizzy, damaged, dull hair into smooth, shinny, manageable and soft hair. This Pre-Treatment is free of toxic chemicals found in many other smoothing systems. It is safe to use over color, perms and highlights.

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